Here are 5 ways you can use handwritten notes in your business

1) To share your appreciation with your business partners

Take your partnerships beyond business and make them personal with a handwritten note. People love to be appreciated and it’s a great way to make important partners feel special.

2) To say thank you for referrals

When was the last time you thanked your clients for a referral? Handwritten notes are a powerful way to express your appreciation to clients that refer you new business increasing the likelihood they might do it again.

3) After a sales call

Drop a note in the mail following a sales call to reiterate your excitement about the potential mutually beneficial relationship. This will delight your potential client and show them that it’s about a relationship, not just their money.

4) To publishers that write about you

Send a note to journalists and bloggers to say thank you for writing an article about you and your business. You may find you get more write ups in the very near future and how many thank you notes do they receive? Probably almost none.

5) To each other

Your coworkers also love to be appreciated. Internal notes are a great way to take a few minutes to highlight the great work of a team member and it also teaches them through experience how powerful a handwritten note can be.

Try it and see what happens. Even one note a day has the power to change your business.