If you saw a Basket-of-the-Month suggestion called “MUSIC MAGIC Basket,” what would your response be?

1. “Oh, that’s cute!” — or

     2. “Wow, if I knew someone who was musically inclined, I MAY consider that…” — or,

           3. “I don’t know a thing about music, so that’s out — NEXT.”   

So, think outside the box, and here are some suggestions for a Music Magic Basket gift:

  1. Remember your childhood music teacher, and surprise her out of the blue.
  2. Think of someone who is studying music in college —and beyond!  Are they taking mid-terms right now?
  3. Think of your Music Minister at church; how long has it been since you appreciated him or her?
  4. Think of the person who sits beside you in Choir; is he or she going through a hard time?
  5. Think of someone who is a good listener to you; thank that person for listening.
  6. Think of your child’s Music Teacher in school; thank her for all she pours into the children in her classes.
  7. Think of someone who loves music but isn’t pursuing it for a career; give her/him something to remind her/him of one of their favorite things.
  8. Remember yourself; how nice is it to sit with a good cup of hot tea on a rainy afternoon like this?  You deserve to drink it from a mug that makes you feel special.

NOW!  That’s 8 ways to use the March Music Magic Basket — one way for each note in the scale/octave (well….almost!…) – Sing on!  Play on!  Listen on!  And let music soothe your soul, as well as someone special to you.

(Click here to see Music Magic Basket:)