April BasketCASE: Redefined – Paula Lesso, Author

//April BasketCASE: Redefined – Paula Lesso, Author
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Paula Lesso:  Author and Coach

Wait No More; Write Now or Later?

Paula Lesso’s life is built on Change and Challenges.

It wasn’t always that way, but Paula, the “Personal Journey Life Coach”, motivational speaker and author, has used her personal and professional experience to challenge herself and, most importantly, her clients to believe in themselves and find the resilience to overcome setbacks.

A triathlete, Cross Fit athlete, health and nutrition advocate and ballroom dancer, Paula assists coaching clients who feel overwhelmed, are in personal or professional transition or want to achieve more in their lives. The key, Paula says, is for folks to recognize their barriers, find their priorities and take action to make changes.

Paula took a risk when she moved from her hometown of Corning NY to Charlotte, NC. She took another risk to start her coaching business – Personal Journey Coaching – after leaving corporate positions. And for Paula, the challenges are still coming. She is increasing her public speaking dates, writing her second book and more running events are in her future. Change and Challenges have happened, she says, because she put herself on the “front burner of her life and makes things happen.”