“Your Unique Creative Expression”

//“Your Unique Creative Expression”
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Life is like a blank canvas; let’s fill it with something extraordinary.

There’s no one else like you.  YOU are the only person who operates in this world, at this very time, with your genetic composition, life experiences and perspective.  How you express yourself creatively, in any area of life, is just as unique as you are.  Join us for this month’s BasketCASE: Redefined as artist Karen Preston uses the creative expression of painting to demonstrate how wonderfully different and important we all are.  Each attendee will be given simple instructions to complete his or her own painting — NO experience necessary.

Karen Preston was born in New Orleans, LA, moved to MS at age 11…she currently resides in Charlotte, NC, where she teaches in her painting studio, Cajun Canvas.

Karen is a self-taught artist.  She uses her painting sessions to lead and encourage others to express themselves creatively.

Karen believes in this possibility:  if you lift others up and help them to see their own unique, one-of-a-kind beauty, they will be empowered and find the courage to go into this big old world and let their light shine, through their unique creative expression — therefore, making the world a better place.


January BasketCASE

Please forward to a friend who would like to come. If you can’t come this month, watch for future monthly events.

See you soon; have a great day.


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